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Johnston Canyon Proposal - David & Huiting


For the past couple months, David had been planning this day for his girlfriend (now fiancee). I had the pleasure of being a part of this journey (thanks for the referral Westwood Weddings!). This was extra familiar to me as I got to share a very similar experience several months ago with my fiancee at the exact same spot. For the past few weeks, I've been sharing with David some options for photo spots in Banff, as David and Huiting are from Toronto. After sharing with him my own proposal photos, he decided to go with the same plan which was a delight to somewhat re-live the moment, but on the other side of the camera :) We added each other on "Find my Friends" app and hoped that he would find my location to the hidden cave and large rock. 

I didn't realize until later, but David and Huiting had already started the hike before I did, but luckily I had ice grippers on my boots so I could catch up and get to the spot ahead of them. We passed each other on the trail and David subtly waves at me and hilariously flails his arms to void suspicion when Huiting turns around right while he's waving (I caught this part on video ;)). I managed to hop down into the cave, where the waters were roaring like I've never seen due to the snow melt. David and Huiting eventually made it down and it was history from there. David showed her a video, got down on a knee and Huiting was pleasantly surprised, incredibly happy and said yes :). Here's a few snapshots of what happened.

Link to behind the scenes VLOG


Congratulations David & Huiting!