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Jeff & Julie Wedding

It has been an exciting journey to have seen these two develop as individuals and also in their relationship over the years. It was also such an honour be able to capture the day where they exchanged their commitments to each other in front of family, friends, and the church. This lovely day was packed with the bridal party getting ready at 6 in the morning, a first look (Jeff’s reaction was priceless), photos in the park before the ceremony, attempting to clean the dress before the ceremony with packaging tape, the ceremony, additional bridal party photos in downtown, tea ceremony, and the reception.        

Jeff & Julie - thank you for allowing me to follow you guys around the whole day and pose you in positions that you’d never do in reality. It’s incredibly sad to see you both head to Shanghai for life duties, but I know and trust God has great plans for you guys there. Congratulations and God bless your marriage!