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Loumeir & Mila Proposal

This morning was one of the sweetest events I've ever shot. It's always such an honour and pleasure to be able to participate in capturing moments like these for amazing people like Loumeir and Mila. They are such an outgoing and lovable couple.  

Here's a brief outline of what happened:

  • 60-70 family and friends arrived early to set-up
  • They then hid behind bushes and trees
  • I met with Loumeir & Mila, as Mila thought we were just doing an anniversary photoshoot
  • We walked to the gazebo-like structure
  • Loumeir walked Mila through memorable moments in their relationship
  • Loumeir got down on a knee
  • Mila said yes

Here's a brief outline of what happened in photo form: 

Congratulations Loumeir & Mila!