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Luke & Trish Engagement - Moraine Lake

Luke and Trish are the most laid back couple with the biggest hearts for each other. They also have the biggest and most precious smiles. I was so excited to shoot their engagement as I got to mix two things that I love to do at once.

Engagement + landscape photography (especially at Moraine Lake) 

Thanks to God for this amazing day as it turned out to be a perfect day for shooting. Despite bits of rain and gloominess, the timing of cloud dispersion and when it rained could not have been any better. 

When we arrived, it was quite foggy with the clouds hanging low and covering the iconic mountains in the background. As a result, we hung around the coast of the lake to start off the shoot.

I loved how Luke and Trish showed up with their rain jackets with a bunch of little plastic Safeway bags to carry their extra pieces of clothing. 

After a few shots by the coast, it began to drizzle so they brought out their red umbrella and went for a walk. 

We then went up the rock pile while the rain clouds were still hanging low and decided to take a few shots on the opposite side of the lake. 

The clouds ended up being a neat backdrop for the photos.

After shooting the opposite side of the lake, we turned around and saw the mountains clearly for the first time that night. The timing could not have been any better for the clouds to move out, as I was really hoping to get some shots with the lake & mountains from the top of the rock pile. 

Their smiles : )

Such an amazing time shooting such a beautiful and cheery couple. Glad and thankful to have been able to shoot their engagement here at this incredible spot. Looking forward to their big day!