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Dilpreet & Jasmin Photoshoot

I had the pleasure of shooting a pre-engagement event for Dilpreet & Jasmin. I always love working with couples of different cultures and traditions. This event was rich in colour and vibrancy. After shooting the event, I was able to take the lovely couple throughout the hotel venue for some more shots. 

The first location we stopped was this beautiful little wine bar. The staff at the hotel were kind enough to open the room up for us to use.

Next off, we went to the unique hotel lobby and captured a few shots here. This lobby has a beautiful texture/pattern on a curved wall, making a very distinct background. There were also very large round light bulbs hanging from the roof, which also made for neat interest in the wider angles.

While driving to the hotel, I saw a gorgeous field that I wanted to take Dilpreet and Jasmin to. So after shooting in the lobby, we decided to head out to the field. This field ended up being the perfect colour and shade, as it contrasted so well with the rich colours of Jasmin's dress and Dilpreet's darker jacket. 

Had an amazing time shooting such a beautiful and friendly couple 

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