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Mt. Indefatigable

On April 15 I was able to take a day off work and gather some troops to explore creation. We met up at the usual 16th Ave McDonalds and sat there late in the morning searching up suitable Spring hikes for amateurs hikers like us. Finally, Bradley discovered a hike called Mt. Indefatigable. This was the first time we've heard of this word (means "tirelessly"), and it sounded quite awesome, so we decided to pursue this hike. Without a doubt, this has to be one of the best hikes with amazing views around the Kananaskis lakes area. 

To start off the hike, we were greeted by a lovely sign that stated the trail was decommissioned in 2005 due to the space being prime grizzly habitat. 

The trail starts off with a steady incline to a lookout approximately 2/5 up the mountain. The photos above and below were shot in this lookout area.

After passing the lookout, the hike became a little more interesting as the rest of the hike was snow-covered. We followed one pair of footprints all the way up to the top, which helped a lot, or else we would have not known where to go. It was still fairly challenging in the sense that almost every step we took, we would sink into waist deep snow.  But nonetheless, it was incredibly fresh and beautiful.

Every time I looked back, I always saw Crystal falling for some reason.

As always... Selfie time.

Untouched snow

Indefatigable crew

Looking over

Selfie time as the sun sets.

By the time we got back to our car, the sky was filled with rich, soft colors. Although we were all quite soaked from the hike, it was still a very pleasurable experience with incredible views.

Road to home.

Justin Lee