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Camping at Point

After weeks of dreaming, planning, and what seemed to be regular trips to MEC, our backcountry crew went off to the Peter Lougheed area to enjoy and explore the Creator through His creation on the last weekend of April. Our first stop was Rawson Lake.

We were hoping to hit up Sarrail Ridge once we got to Rawson, but due to high levels of snow, and no snow shoes, we decided to turn around and head back to the campsite. Still always a treat to see Rawson Lake.

Falling through snow was a common theme throughout the 14 km to our campsite.

^Pastor Adriel - the only one who had experience in the backcountry; a critical success factor to our group's survival






After trailing up to Rawson Lake and around the Upper lake, we made it to Point Campground, which is right off the Upper Lake.

Once we arrived to our campsite, we were treated with amazing light and reflections. I've never had such a great appreciation for clean water, as we would need to walk over a bunch of rocks out into the lake and pump out water. Water never tasted so good since we actually had to work for it!

^ Meghan Ng - being a good sport and putting herself at risk of falling into the lake.

After our trek in and out of snow, all of our shoes and socks were soaked and needed a bit of drying by the fire. 

After a quick dinner, I went back out to check for any sunset colours. The mountains did have a bit of a purple hue to the tips, but nothing too crazy happened due to the perfectly clear skies and lack of clouds.

After lounging around the fire, Canaan and I headed off to the lake to attempt to capture the immense magnitude of the stars in the sky. It's just incredible to be out by the lake, deep into the night and simply be still with God and His creation.

After a couple hours of shooting, we stumbled our way back to our tent for a nap.

Several hours later, the alarm sounded at 5:30am. I laid in my warm sleeping bag for another 20 minutes, debating whether to head out for the sunrise or sleep. After those 20 minutes of creating a mental decision criteria matrix to assist with my decision, I threw myself out of the sleeping bag and headed out to the lake.   

This next moment was definitely my favourite moment of the trip. That transition moment when the sun rises with soft morning light surrounding me and then suddenly peaking right over the mountains to fill the lake with the brightest, warmest, and most blinding light.  It was such a huge moment, which reminded me of the holiness and glory of God that His presence alone is truly magnificent and powerful (Exodus 33:20 & John 1:9-20). 

TBH, this photo above doesn't depict at all the sudden brightness of the light. I had to bring down the exposure, highlights, and whites to make sure the image wasn't completely blown out.

After soaking in the sunrise, I went back to the tent for another nap. 

Nothing beats napping under the warm sunshine beaming through the mesh with a cool breeze balancing the temperature.

Group Shot! Great group to share this experience with!